enol.o.gy (noun) the study of wine | kitch.en (noun) a space where food is prepared or cooked

what we're cooking now

At Pip Imports and Domestics, we love to cook and eat. Below are some of the seasonal dishes our kitchens are turning out.


salade composée

Salads are a natural in summer, but we specifically love composed salads (think of a classic Cobb) because they are, well, fancier and somehow more fun to eat. We made this one on our trip to the Loire Valley with local greens dressed with olive oil, lemon, and salt. We added julienne of ham, hard boiled egg, warm potatoes and leeks cooked in duck fat, and a small piece of aged goat cheese. Couly Dutheil’s white Chinon was a perfect pairing.



If you can find prepared meringues at a local bakery, we promise that this is the easiest and most impressive summer dessert that will ever leave your kitchen. Just macerate any summer fruit in sparkling wine (our currants spent about 5 hours in their bubbly bath) and spoon the fruit into a sliced meringue. This dessert is lovely with Château Brissac’s Cremant de Loire.

P.S. If you want to see an amazing castle, google Château Brissac!



sausage and white beans

Summer makes us crave Mediterranean flavors, and this lighter take on sausage and beans boasts satisfying flavors of garlic, olive oil, and fennel. We simply soaked and cooked cannellini, dressed them with a bit of oilve oil and chopped garlic, then topped with grilled chicken sausage. Thinly sliced zucchini in vinaigrette was a nice foil for the main dish. We loved this with Gerberas Garnacha, but you could also serve it with a flavorful white such as Terre Stregate Falanghina.